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About your kayak Fishing Charter

At Bone Collector kayak Fishing  we strive to give each angler the best kayak fishing Charter and fishing experience adding up to one of the best guided fishing trips you will ever have. Your trip will start in the waters of South Florida or Keys with kayak guided trips  lasting a duration of 5 hours. The Capt will gather as much information from the client days prior to the trip to build a trip unique to the angler. Given the uniqueness of the kayaks, location and access to the water my vary from location to location. The Capt will provided detail location and instruction and times the night before. All fishing will be done on top of the line Jackson Kayak Big Rigs in addition to the newly added Jacksons Kayak BITE . Bone Collector Kayak fishing offers the finest inshore light tackle experience South Florida, the Florida Keys , Everglades and local fresh water has to offer. With hundreds of hours spent fishing the warm shallows waters of The Florida Keys, Biscayne Bay  Everglades and Fresh water exotics  gives anglers ad guide an edge over most others. This recipe leads for the ability for a success day of fishing the waters of South Florida .

Bone Collector Kayak Fishing Charters works with each individual client and their needs producing a unique package for each and every client. From standing and sight casting on the flats to blind casting edges for an assortment of inshore game fish South Florida the Keys and Everglades has to offer. Bone Collector Kayak fishing Charters strives to put you on the fish of life time! Capt Alex Tejeda strives on educating and teaching clients the rich history of the surrounding waters of South Florida, the Florida Keys and Everglades. Trips are informative and chalk full of learning tools that the every client gets to take home with them. Not only will you learn the area but effective ways to target species, rigging and techniques for every area the Florids Keys, Biscayne Bay and the Everglades has to offer. 

kayak Fishing Charter

Begin your inshore kayak fishing charter experience in beautiful South Florida waters ragging from Biscayne Bay to the Florida Keys. The clear near shore waters are a short paddle away from some of the best bonefish. permit, tarpon , baracudas and shark fishing one could imagine. That is why South Florida and The Keys are called the fishing capital of the world! 

Kayak fishing Charter Everglades

This unique kayak fishing Charter takes place in the southern most region of South Florida. This kayak fishing guided trip yields an abundant opportunity for snook,  trout, redfish, tarpon and black drum in some of the most remote backcountry South Florida has to offer. Enjoy the scenic  backs grounds and the incredible fishing the Everglades has to offer.

Kayak fishing Charter Freshwater/peacock bass

This kayak fishing Charter is offered from Miami to Delray. Kayak fish for an abundant array of fresh water exotics species in South Florida that range from Peacock Bass, Snakehead, Clown knife, Midas, largemouth, Oscars  and many more! Come Kayak fish South Florida's urban jungle for an exhilarating close quarter combat with these hard fighting fish.   

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About Your Guide
Capt Alex Tejeda

Biscayne bay bonefish guided kayak fishing trips

Born in California and raised in South Florida, fishing has always been a part of Alex's life. At the age of three, he would have his first of many fishing experiences with his grandfather, an experience that would spark his love for fishing. As an adolescent, Alex often fished Biscayne Bay and would spend his summers fishing The Florida keys alongside his family. Later in life while flipping through a magazine, Alex stumbled upon an article about kayak fishing and a new chapter began. After investing in his first kayak, Alex began to venture into the Everglades familiarizing himself with fishing the back country and the flats. Shortly after Alex wanted to expand and obtained his Captains license.  Throughout the last 15 years, Alex has used his passion of kayak fishing to continue his growth as a fisherman and expand his horizon discovering new and remote locations in South Florida. Using his years of experience in South Florida waters, Alex offers kayak fishing Charters in the Florida Keys, Biscayne Bay and the Everglades. Capt Alex has used his talents to help his client achieve many life long dreams and personal his clients. 

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