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Snook Fishing Charters

  If your looking  for excitement snook are a one stop shop. They fight hard,jump and most of the time the battles are close quarter. Given the nature of snook they can be caught in many different ways and in many different locations. From the backcountry, spillways channels lends its self to many forms of tackles and techniques. From heavy gear ranging with heavy terminal tackle to get them out of heavy structure all the way down to sight casting for them in the super skinny waters of the back country and flats. Tackle consist of 10-30lb braid with 30-60 fluro leaders.








  Fish sitting in deeper waters ways are usually caught with live bait ranging from mojaras to mullet. One of the best times of the year to target snook in the annual mullet run. Pitching live baits at structure and or dropping baits down usual results in the hard thump and lineslider on the other end of your line. Winter months is a great time of year to target snook off the kayak in the remote areas of the Everglades. Paddles shorelines looking for feeding fish or backs sticking out. Tackle is scaled down to medium rods and 10lb braid. Paddles tails, jerk baits and top water lures are the baits of choice. Sight casting for snook in inches of water is one the funniest ways to target them. Fly fishing for snook is probably the most exciting way to catch them. 8wt to 9wt rod are used and wide selection of flies that could be used to sight cast snook off your kayak. 

Bone Collector Kayak fishing Charters


First Angler

$150 for each additional angler

4 - 5 Hours

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