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Fresh water kayak Charter

South Florida kayak fishing Charter for Peacock bass

Fresh water kayak fishing Charters trips offer the opportunity to fish  South Florida urban habitat's and the Everglades. Targeting species such as peacock bass, Bass, and an array of exotic species. 

Bone Collector Kayak fishing Charters allows individuals the unique opportunity to immerse them self in a urban setting targeting all the exotic species that  South Florida has to offer. With hundreds of miles of channel systems, a wide diversity of exotics fish species abound. Peacock bass,  large mouth bass, snake heads clown knife are just a few to name. All of South Florida water ways hold a litany of species that the Amazon has to offer but at the fraction of the cost and distance. Target these exotic fish on light tackle off kayaks with artificial or live bait. Let Bone Collector Kayak fishing  Charters guide you through the maze of channels to a world class fishery that is abundant year round! 

Bone Collector Kayak fishing Charters


First Angler

$150 for each additional angler

4 - 5 Hours

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