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SHARKS fishing Charters

An under estimated and over looked fish. Kayak fishing South Florida for sharks is one of the most exciting fish you can target. They are big, fast, jump and fight hard. They come in all sizes but hooking up to a 200lb shark off a kayak is life changing. With a experienced guide this trip is one of a kind. Fish for them in shallow waters and sight cast for these big predators in the gin clear waters of South Florida and the Keys. Your experience will be one of a life time. The gear is heavy and so are the sharks. Your kayak fishing guide is one of the best at what he does. Hunt down big lemon shark, spinner sharks , bullsharks and the occasional tiger and greater hammer that frequent the flats. Catch them on light tackle or even on fly your kayak guide is well versed in both and will accommodate for each individual kayak angler. A year round fishery makes it one the best fish to target in South Florida and Keys. Don't waste time and book your trip today!

What does it cost?

$375 for first Angler (5hr Charter 

$150 for each additional angler

What does it included?

Anglers will be supplied with all tackle, live bait, Jackson kayaks, PFD's, flies, flyrods, artificial lures, digital photo and videos

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